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We develop and manufacture your solid carbide machine tools in standard and special designs, components, assemblies and systems, but also special machines and electronically controlled hydraulic or pneumatic components. Everything optimally matched to preceding and subsequent manufacturing processes.

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Solid carbide machine tools
Solid carbide standard tools
Solid carbide special tools
Regrinding service
Flat and external grinding
Dreh- und Fräsarbeiten
Mechanical engineering

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We develop our European standard tools, standard and special tools, individual tools and small series, precision parts and machines for customers throughout the world.

INOTECH – Data sheets

Technical information for you

INOEX – Special tools


Within 24 hours you will receive an offer exactly upon your individual request (except public & company holidays and weekends).

Solid carbide special mills and drills available in dimensions from: 0.1mm - 32mm

Within one week:
We manufacture special tools custom-made on your individual request including coating.

INOCUT – Cutting Data

Application for calculating cutting data
The INOCUT – Cutting Data app is a specific recommendation of cutting data depending on cross section, material, and tool. After the selection of the technologies milling, drilling, reaming, or tapping, there are 6 material groups with a total of 24 materials to choose from. Next, tools are offered and sorted by highest cutting speed on the basis of a tool category or tip shape search. Depending on the technology, a specific cross section, copy milling, or the maximum machine speed can be calculated by means of a checkbox. The efficiency (Q: material removal rate) is displayed in a diagram and can be compared with specific tools via a calculator function. According to selection, the following data are displayed:

D1 (Diameter)
FL (Flutes)
l1 (Length of cut)
nmax (Maximum speed)
ap (Cutting depth)
ae (Row pitch)
∝ (alpha)
Rd (Roughness depth)
nf (Speed factor)
Dmin. (minimal intervention-diameter)
Dmax. (maximal intervention-diameter)
vc (Cutting speed)
fz, f, f=lead (Feed per tooth)
S (Rotation speed)
vf (Feed rate)
f (Feed per rotation)
Q (Material removal rate)
Hm (Middle chipping thickness)


Work more efficiently with INOCAM!
The new platform INOCAM enables our customers access to 2D & 3D models according to DIN / ISO standard, which enables faster data import into CAM and tool management systems.
  • A user-friendly TOOL FINDER allows you to quickly find the items you are looking for in the required file format.
  • The new 3D | STEP & 2D | DXF & CAM | XML data are available for download with all catalog and premium articles!
  • The download is available online on the platforms INOCUT, INOSHOP and through INOCAM.
INOCAM - the free service, without tedious registration.

INOQR – Code Reader

The digital bridge from the tool catalogue to the online shop
INOQR – the Inovatools QR Code Reader builds a digital bridge from the tool catalogue to the online shop.

After scanning the desired tool, necessary selection windows lead you to the correct item number. The scanned item numbers are collected and sent to the online shop at the touch of a button.

This app requires a registration. The advantage is that you can order fast and easily as well as see the current stocks and the price including your discount. Depending on the article, the following values are available: cutting edge diameter, radii, cutting width, tooth system, coating, clamping surface and total length.

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